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February 3, 2015

a kitchen reborn

In the pending birth of our first child, I am spending my evenings being large and slow on the couch, eating pretty much everything in sight, and cruising through Friends seasons on Netflix. 
I thought I'd finally share some photos of the house, namely my favorite room so far, the kitchen!! This remodel has been taking place since September, and our dear little kitchen has been reborn in 5 months!




I cannot say how thankful I am for my husband who has put countless hours into make this space so amazing! (Even as I am typing this, he is working on another project until dinner is ready!)  
It has been such a fun transformation to see an outdated and cramped kitchen turn into a modern, open, and functional space for cooking/eating! 
There are other fun projects happening right now, including redoing the addition with the fireplace, putting in baseboards, and adding french doors. 
Until those are projects get posted, I imagine we'll have a new little family member to take up just some of our time! 

Anyone else have some fun projects going on they'd like to share?

happy tuesday