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September 27, 2013

accessories: part 1

Fall is hands-down my favorite time of year. Not only is the weather incredible, but it seems all of the tradition surrounding this time of year (football, camping, boating, Thanksgiving, etc) is equally as exciting- so life-giving to me.  Today, I am relishing in a project done awhile ago with a good friend in NC and I thought I'd take some time to share that with you.
A few months ago, my dear friend Emily, whose awesome blog can be found HERE, found this project on DIY scarves and thought it may be a good one to tackle together.  The project is originally inspired by another blogger (see HERE).  We got together on a warm summer evening, drank a glass of wine (or 2), and set about crafting ourselves some new scarves! It is now that I am reaping the benefits of that evening, as nights here are getting cooler, and the extra warmth around my neck is more enjoyable now than when it's 90 degrees out!  

 Here's the gist of what we did:
1.  We found material- me, a few old shirts, cut in the shape of a scarf, and for Emily, a piece of material from Joann Fabric did the job.
2.  We mounted the material to a bleach safe space.  In our case, a giant cardboard box sufficed.  Frye, the cat, supervised.
3.  We made designs with the scarves- either with painters' tape or using twist-ties and rubberbands.
4.  Spray with bleach and see what happens!! (Caution: please be careful with bleach!! A few nice pairs of my black yoga pants have had their run-in with bleach in spite of my "carefulness"!)
5.  Let dry and then wash SEPARATELY from anything else before wearing!

The Results!


 **thanks Em for an awesome idea and sharing it with me-
 happy fall days**

September 25, 2013

autumn nesting

We are now about 2 1/2 weeks here in PA and I'm not sure if I told you this before, but we are living in my in-laws' basement apartment until we sell the house and figure out where we want to be living, renting, buying, etc.?? 
So, because most of our things are still in boxes, I was feeling the need to do one thing in this little space to decorate and nest on in....we may be here for the long-haul. 
So, a challenge to myself- can I create a centerpiece for the kitchen table using only items I find at a local thrift store? I accepted the challenge and set off to The World's Attic
Here's the result:


I stuck with fairly natural elements and one color theme- I'm really into monochromatic themes this fall in both decorating and dressing.  I am pretty pleased with the outcome- especially because the total cost was around $6 for the entire display, I discovered a new secondhand store, and the best part is, these pine cones came with a piney scent, meaning this space down here smells deliciously like fall.

Anybody else doing some fun fall decorating now that the temps are dropping 
and the trees are changing colors?

**happy autumn**

September 22, 2013


Here's a quick recap of some great things I'm discovering here in Southwestern PA.

1. There a great little dog park in the town where the boys made friends with some other pups and I met some wonderfully friendly ladies to chat with for an hour.


2. Somerset has an elephant...dressed in leaves for the fall....
and I CAN'T WAIT to see what comes at Christmas!

3. I went thrifting around town on Friday. Ahhh! The rush a good thrift session brings!
 I did score some pretty basic things for work, but I also found these sweet, brand new J.Jill wooden wedges for $3!
 Bring on the tights and a pencil skirt!

4. Seven Springs (local ski resort) had a Mother Earth News fair this weekend.  It was one of the most inspiring afternoons, when it comes to environmentalism, awareness, education, and thoughts on consumption....more on this soon, I'm sure- my head is still processing.
While I didn't leave the fair wearing hemp clothing and shaving my head, I did buy a book with some great information, inspiring artwork, and first-hand experience about trying to live a more "decommodified" life.
(The Good Life Lab; Radical Experiments in Hands-on Living, By Wendy Jehanara Tremayne).

5. Snuggling is even better in cooler temps!

6.  The Hubs and I had another great hike today- weathering the "cold" 50's chill....going to be rough winter ahead, I fear.

More thoughts and projects coming soon- I have a few in mind as my life is starting to settle down here and I am finding time.

**have a peaceful week**

September 15, 2013

getting to know our surroundings

I can't tell you how many times this week, when I first wake up, before my eyes open, that I have to remind myself of my surroundings. I'm not in my usual bed in North Carolina, not in my usual routine of life, and I won't be able to text so-and-so to get together this coming weekend, unless I want to drive seven hours. But, despite my pre-move expectations of feeling anxious, disoriented, and emotional at this point, it feels right. Something about waking up in PA, in a familiar house, into a new life that we know we are investing in for the long-haul is nice. And of course after only one week, it's all new and fresh and exciting, like an extended vacation, but I'm sure we'll have our moments of stress, emotions, and anxiety. But until then, I'll just try to enjoy the ride.

With that said, one of the greatest things we have done this week, is continue to maintain the same habits that we have always had.  Life, while completely turned upside-down, is still the same.  There is a comfort in habits and a steadiness that it gives in times of change and unrest.

One of the usual activities we've created as a little family is going for hikes.  In NC, we lived a mile from a park with great single-track trails, and it was so easy and convenient.  These hikes give the dogs time to get their energy out and discover the world, and Seth and I have a time and space for great conversations.

So we headed out today for a hike and it was just lovely and made me feel like life is just right and I'm home.

**keep doing those things that you love- things that inspire you 
and things that make you know you are just where you are meant to be**

September 11, 2013

snapshots of life lately

We are officially residents of Pennsylvania! I hate to say it again- that life has been so crazy and I haven't had time to think, let alone, do anything of creative value- but, I'm going to say it anyway.  This is really the first time in a few weeks I've been able to sit by myself and enjoy some time to....ahhh....breath.
I have been reflecting over the past 2 weeks- leaving a great job, turning 29, leaving our house, spending a few days on the farm with my family, taking the train to NYC for a few days, and finally, landing in the sweet, small town of Somerset, PA and starting a new job. Whew! 
But, honestly, while I am pondering the changes and how upside down my life is right now, I am more so grateful for the past few weeks and the blessings of my family and friends who have been so supportive with this move.

Here are a few of the many highlights of the past few weeks.  

 ^farewell, my CCU friends!^^

 ^^birthday dinner- entering my last year in my 20's^^

 ^^mellow mushroom for our last dinner at home!^^
^^lady liberty!^^


**so many blessings**

Disclaimer to the purpose of the blog: in the transitory phase, not only have I had no time to get my hands into a fun project, but our bank account has been hemorrhaging and I haven't been very creative with our needs as of late... I suppose that's normal with a huge transition and move, but I'm excited to get creative and also have some new projects in the works soon.

Anyone have any advice or stories of moving interstate/international??