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July 23, 2013

inspiration via blog love

Tonight I am typing with paint-streaked fingers. I just finished painting 2 porches and 2 interior doors today. Blah- if I never see another paint brush again, I'll live.  But alas,  few more projects to go, so I will paint on!

With that said, I am done for today, sipping on a glass of wine (life is tough) and reading online, gathering more ideas for the house, etc.
I came across a blogger who, with her creative blogging friends, has a weekly invitation to anyone to post their creative project of the week.  What a GREAT idea- a place for people to share what projects they are doing creatively and inspire one another.

Here's the link to the blog: City Farmhouse

Note: I added a project to the list, but I'm afraid I'm waaaay out of my league with these other creative folks- so many great ideas floating out there! 

July 22, 2013

hair and thoughts on hair

A few months ago, I posted about embracing my flaws and learning to love the natural, including gray hair in my 20's.  However, recently, I had to dye my hair back to something natural looking because my old highlights were growing out and not looking at all like the ombre look I was hoping for while growing them out. See below- my face is clearly living in the gloom of having ugly hair.

So, I dyed my hair to a color as close to my natural brown as possible (Garnier nutrisse "6: natural brown") to get rid of that horrid "oh my gosh, look at her roots" look. The boxed color was actually quite magical at reviving some health and smoothness into my otherwise frizzy, unruly hair.

But, truth be told, I miss my blonde highlights.  My gray hairs seem to be more present and wiry than ever (because they are as I get older), and my hair and skin just seem more flat and boring. The reason I chose to stop getting highlights was because of the cost- once you start getting highlights, you are somewhat required to keep it up or it will end up looking like the hair in picture 1 above.  I also wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of money on myself every couple of months. 
Perhaps I am justifying my recent desire to go back to highlights, but there is something about feeling good with the way you look.  We are all entitled to express ourselves and present ourselves to the world in a way that shows who we are and that we feel good in the skin (and hair!) we are in. 
Take away point: Embrace what you've got, aaaaand embrace making yourself feel and look the best you can.

**happy monday**

July 19, 2013

one shirt, three ways

I recently saw a leather trimmed shirt and loved the idea of adding a little leather (or a fake, cheaper version called vinyl) to a simple tee.  So, after a trip to Joann Fabric (love that store), I came up with a little pocket, with red thread (I guess I like red accents? seeing a theme in my homemade creations).  

You can't really see the shirt in this picture, but I wore it out last night for a few drinks with good great friends! 


  With the extra t-shirt material, I ended up braiding a few strips around an old gold-turned-bronzed bangle.  

 And, due to a new found love of bleaching stuff to make it look cooler (thanks, Emily!), I turned one sleeve of this old grey shirt into a cool headband. 

**have a great weekend**

July 15, 2013

eagle's wings

This secondhand shopper is going inter-state! We were visiting Seth's brother and sister-in-law, Nathan and Noelle, a few weekends ago in Ohio.  As the boys got busy doing farm things, the girls decided to go out for a quick shopping trip to a local antique shop.  Being a farming community, there were the most amazing antique tools, pots, pans, canoes, washing machines, furniture, you name it.  I could've spent a load of cash in this sweet store, but lo and behold, traveling with 2 dogs in a Subaru doesn't leave room for much else, let alone the wooden ironing board that I really wanted.  (There was so much potential in this little store, I may have to rent a moving truck and go back? Just kidding, Seth.)

^thanks to my niece, River, for modeling this old church pew turned bench and quilts^

I know this is just another collection of secondhand items, but if you have any time, get out there, you guys.  There are so many original and quality items waiting to be discovered, remade, reused, etc.

*have a great day and, as always, thanks for stopping by**

suggestions; part 2

I recently inherited a dress that my grandmother wore to a wedding in 1978.  The sweet polyester 70's syle gem needed a facelift, and I decided to give it one. As some of you may have seen, I botched the facelift completely (see this post).  So, after thinking about how to restore my botching, I came up with this....

**notice the uneven stripes around the cowl neck, not to mention to stray paint that is tucked away in the folds of the cowl neck**

So, without getting too worked up about my mistakes, I decided to find another creative way to wear my giant mistake of a redo.  



I'd say I am done trying to repair these mistakes- it's only getting worse!
It wasn't at all what I wanted when I began this project, but I'd say this fall when things cool down a bit, I may pull this little number together and it'll be just great.  

Maybe a little life lesson tucked away in the folds of this cowl-neck-mistake-dress? Ha!


the past several weeks have been a blur of travels, work, fun, and, most of all, lists to keep it all straight.  i am absolutely exhausted today, after a weekend of catching up on house projects.  seth and i are getting our home ready to sell- a project that cannot be taken lightly, as our little home has needed a lot of upkeep/makeovers/love.  it has consumed us- when we aren't working on house projects, we are talking about them, reading about them, pinteresting them (me, not seth).  
i'm sure i'll write more in depth about our little home as i have found myself emotionally overwhelmed ("i'm getting verklempt!"-snl) at the thought of leaving this little place. but for now, a few sneak peaks at recent projects and renovations.

^^new siding^^

^^new windows, new paint^^

 ^^i cannot stress the amount of hours spent painting trim^^

 ^^this was this weekend's project- patching with horrid-smelling bondo and painting 3 doors that have darkened the hallway over the past 3 years- hopefully this will brighten up that space a bit^^^

**bonus: it got me through the second season of downton abbey though!**

i'm sure over the next several months, i'll be sharing more about this sweet little house- it has been a great home and we have loved it.  we have done all of the work ourselves (thanks to seth's job of working for a general contractor and gaining a lot of valuable skills/tools) and in spite of the frustrations of waiting so long to see things happen, i love this house even more for it.

*have a great monday*

July 1, 2013

suggestions wanted

A few weeks ago, I inherited this dress from my grandma, who wore it to her son's (my uncle's) wedding in 1978. This mint-colored polyester blend caught my eye and with the encouragement from my sisters, who told me to "gumption it up", I brought it home, and started brainstorming the possibilities.  

I love the chevron trend, so decided to add stripes using painters' tape and fabric spray (obviously I have an obsession!). The chevron stripes turned out so well, but apparently, the paint got a little out of the lines- that's where you guys come in. Notice the picture below with the mark by the cowl

So, how do I remedy this dress? Just continue the stripes? Stop now and always wear a jean jacket? Cut off the top and make a maxi-length skirt? 

Thanks for your suggestions!! 

**happy monday- I'm off to the great city of Charlotte today to see my mom and dad!**

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