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April 16, 2014

1 year blogiversary

I can't believe it's been about a year since I started this blog! Whew! Time sure flies!
I had originally planned on doing something HUGE this month, like giveaways and cool projects I have tucked away in my brain, but alas, life hasn't provided much unused time lately.  Check that, I haven't taken the time.  Between my husband starting a new job (YAY!), me interviewing and accepting a new job (YAY!), house hunting (YAY!), and continuing to live out of boxes in my in-law's basement, trying to make life as normal as possible, it's been hard finding much time for myself that doesn't involve a glass of wine and zoning out on the couch.
But what I will share with you today as I reflect on the past year are the ways in which I was changed by starting this blog!  I have definitely changed my consumption practices and habits when shopping for stuff, and for that, I'm grateful for this place that I can share my thoughts and be inspired.

1.  I have learned that thrifting is so fun if you have time to peruse through the store and shop around! There are deals to be had, not to mention a great way to reuse what's already out there.  Someone else's trash is my treasure!

2.  I can be creative when it comes to my wardrobe.  I have made more items to wear this past year than ever before. If I see something I really like in a catalog or store, I like to think of ways to be able to either create it myself or thrift it.
^^scarf project with Emily (here), and my favorite project of the year (here)^^

3.  It is fun to work for something that you really want.  I don't think I've blogged about this before, but Seth and I have "workout jars" that we add to every time we workout.  It is our spending money, good for anything we may have our eyes on.  This is total motivation to save for something important, rather than just buy on a whim. It helps keep spontaneous shopping at bay. 

4. I love small business.  This may sound totally rediculous, but having a blog has made me appreciate small businesses all the more! I know my blog isn't necessarily a business, but it is something that I pour myself into (even if it's just dribbling right now!), and I appreciate when others comment or visit the blog.  Similarly, small businesses are providing either products or services that they are passionate about and want to be recognized for that and appreciated for that product/service.
^^my sister's wreath business (here), and the local thrift shops^^

5.  We are responsible for the earth and our country is the top consumer of resources in the world! Let's change that by being a little more globally minded.  Buy less, create more, and be mindful of how we use our resources!

Thank you for reading!
 More blog celebrating and fun to come!

April 9, 2014

the library is a great resource

the forty hour workweek and ten hour weekly commute has been taking up much of my time lately.  which of course is fine because work is a very necessary part of life and i like being a nurse. but because i spend much of my time in the car, the ads of the radio stations and ke$ha on repeat don't always cut it in entertaining and stimulating my mind.  how about some books on CD, i thought to myself.  and instead of going to barnes n' noble and spending money on a book i'll only listen to once, i headed to the library to check out their selection and see what i can listen to for FREE. 
thus far, i've listened to seven books and my commute is much more enjoyable, especially in the company of characters like Lisbeth Salander of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  

and today i was thinking about what "gumptious" things i've been doing or thinking about lately that would be worth writing and putting out there. and as simple as it is, the library has been an incredible resource for me during this time in my life of being in the car alone for two hours a day. it doesn't require spending money unnecessarily or consuming any new resources.

so if it's possible for you to utilize a local library for your reading or listening list, go for it! not only is it free, but you may find a book that you have never heard of.  and as an added bonus, libraries and their plastic-covered books always have that awesome aged smell that instantly makes you feel like learning, at least for me it does.
 that is my encouragement for today and my gumptious advice.


**be resourceful**