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April 20, 2013


I am starting a blog simply to share my feelings and experiences of living in a consumerism culture, overwhelmed by media and advertisements and my own weaknesses toward them. I feel quite passionate about NOT being a sheep in the midst of the big box store craze, and yet, the convenience and ease that it seems to add to my life is making that more and more difficult. So, with that said, this blog is a place to record my perhaps ridiculous and amusing aims to overcome these challenges!

I also want to be clear to recognize that I am very blessed and grateful to be living in our country and our time.  Anything that myself or my family could want or need is at our fingertips and I am so thankful for that. But I do believe there is a responsibility to walk with caution and avoid an attitude of being able to have what I want when I want it. Also, disclaimer, this blog is not meant to pass judgement upon anyone who frequents "big box" stores or who may not have any idea of the struggles that I am speaking of. Just enjoy my attempts at explaining myself!

I predict that this journey may lead to more secondhand shopping, less "Target runs", as I call them, and hopefully more innovative ways to decorate our home, dress myself, and provide for my family.  And perhaps I will appreciate more of what we already have, and less of WANTING unnecessary stuff.

I'll start with sharing some of my favorite things around the house that happen to be ORIGINAL and/or HAND-ME-DOWNS!

 *things given*

 *things made*

 *homemade things, old things*

*the Mr.*

 *the kids*

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