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September 27, 2013

accessories: part 1

Fall is hands-down my favorite time of year. Not only is the weather incredible, but it seems all of the tradition surrounding this time of year (football, camping, boating, Thanksgiving, etc) is equally as exciting- so life-giving to me.  Today, I am relishing in a project done awhile ago with a good friend in NC and I thought I'd take some time to share that with you.
A few months ago, my dear friend Emily, whose awesome blog can be found HERE, found this project on DIY scarves and thought it may be a good one to tackle together.  The project is originally inspired by another blogger (see HERE).  We got together on a warm summer evening, drank a glass of wine (or 2), and set about crafting ourselves some new scarves! It is now that I am reaping the benefits of that evening, as nights here are getting cooler, and the extra warmth around my neck is more enjoyable now than when it's 90 degrees out!  

 Here's the gist of what we did:
1.  We found material- me, a few old shirts, cut in the shape of a scarf, and for Emily, a piece of material from Joann Fabric did the job.
2.  We mounted the material to a bleach safe space.  In our case, a giant cardboard box sufficed.  Frye, the cat, supervised.
3.  We made designs with the scarves- either with painters' tape or using twist-ties and rubberbands.
4.  Spray with bleach and see what happens!! (Caution: please be careful with bleach!! A few nice pairs of my black yoga pants have had their run-in with bleach in spite of my "carefulness"!)
5.  Let dry and then wash SEPARATELY from anything else before wearing!

The Results!


 **thanks Em for an awesome idea and sharing it with me-
 happy fall days**


  1. hooray! you pull off that scarf so well. I haven't been courageous (or cold) enough to wear mine yet.