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April 1, 2015

top 5 nursing apparel items you already own

These days sitting down at the computer to write feels like I am stealing a piece of my pre-motherhood self. Now my days are mostly filled with the tasks of the early weeks of motherhood- nursing, diapers, and constant worries of every sound my baby makes.  
We had our daughter on her due date, February 14- she was the best little valentine! Her name is Beatrice Rose. She is a sweet baby, slowly learning how things work around here, while slowly teaching us about who she is. I love that. God has created this very special person that we are getting to know!

Well, my thoughts today are on breastfeeding clothing- and I apologize to those of you who aren't mothers or don't care about breastfeeding apparel. Bare with me, my mind is consumed with Beatrice and any topic related to her.  Most of our time together is spent breastfeeding. And if you've done it, you understand that what you wear makes a big difference in your comfort while feeding, particularly in public.

In the vein of living secondhand and consuming less, what I've realized in the past 6 weeks is that pieces that I already own are convenient for nursing.  Not only does that mean I'm not spending money on new pieces, but I'll wear what I have long after I'm done breastfeeding.  You don't have to spend much (or anything!) on the tops specifically made for nursing that cost an arm and a leg.  And you can still feel good, which is essential to any woman postpartum.

Here are essentials that I already own that are staples in my nursing wardrobe:

1.  Spagetti strap tank tops. These are key for quick easy access- loosen the straps so you can quickly pull down the shirt for access.  (Note: this works specifically with nursing bras that can be unsnapped from the top.) I also recommend these tank tops from Target.

2.  Long sweaters or cardigans that open in the front. I can't tell you how wonderful they are for not only warmth and easy access, but they are a great source of added material to help conceal if you are in a crowd. Plus, they cover parts of your body that may be "softer" after pregnancy.

3. Scarves.  These are fabulous to wear for added coverage.  I do have a nursing cover that I absolutely love, but scarves are a fantastic way to add a little flash of color or pop to your outfit, and can also be used for additional coverage on the spot.

4.  Easy access dresses.  There are a few cotton dresses I have that are perfect for easy access, particularly v-neck styles. 

5. Cowl neck shirts.  I have 2 of these style shirts and they are absolutely wonderful in creating a dressy look with easy access due to excess stretch and material around the neck line.

Pregnancy and birth are probably the most drastic changes your body will go through! The last piece of advice I will leave with you is to wear anything that makes you feel good. Your body is doing amazing things.  Hopefully this list will inspire you to look at what you already own and not feel like you have to buy a completely new wardrobe or spend a lot to feel good postpartum, especially while breastfeeding.

*have a great day*


  1. Great points, Dana! And glad to see you posting! I personally started wearing nursing tanks under everything so that regardless of what top I wore I could always at least pull it up and nurse without exposing my belly. Key for modesty as well as warmth. The biggest thing I missed was wearing dresses in winter!! Glad you have some styles that can pull double duty!

    1. I have a few nursing bras, but haven't tried the tanks- definitely sounds like a good idea because I don't need my belly exposed!