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November 13, 2013

life lately

Well, I am finally sitting in the couch with warm soup belly (any How I Met Your Mother fans out there?) catching up on various blogs, websites, social media, and news.  I really love doing this.  After about a week or two of not having the time to actually sit and meander around the world wide web it feels so great.  
I haven't had much to write about lately, and frankly, I haven't really had any time to work on projects.  That's a lie- I am knitting a deliciously warm woolen scarf that I can't wait to add to my "I just moved north and need as much warm clothing as possible so I'm not miserable this winter" wardrobe!

And so, because I don't have many projects to share, I'll show you in pictures and write in words about what has been going on in this little corner of the world.

1. Our house in North Carolina is under contract and in the process of selling! This not only means that we are cautiously ecstatic, but also that we are starting our search process for a new house and we are talking about it 24-7! We can't wait to see what is next in store for us.  I'll keep you posted!

2.  Hypocrisy, thy name is.....
Yes, I dyed my hair to cover the grays....
not ready to be gray...
to see my thoughts on this 6 months ago, see this post.

3. Even though it is quickly turning in winter here, fall is hands-down the best time of year. I have really enjoyed the tastes, sites, and smells of the fall this year.

4. Yoga has been a integral piece into my sanity this fall. I've done yoga sporadically for the past several years, but when you live near such great resources to encourage you, it's hard not to get hooked.  The instructor at the local community center in Ohiopyle where I go once or twice a week was featured this week in the paper (HERE)!

Other than that, we are busy for a lot of other AWESOME reasons and I couldn't be more blessed this fall!

**hope you are doing well**

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  1. love your hair, and your face! and you!