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February 3, 2014

thoughts on pinterest

This is the third day I've woken up feeling the fresh beating of a head cold, combined with fever, the occassional aches and chills, and the dread of just being awake today. It. is. miserable.
Since I can sleep no longer, and I sound like a bulldog when I breath, I am confined to the couch today, checking email and hopefully getting into a Twilight movie marathon later....(fingers crossed!)

On my web roaming this morning, I've found myself over on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and started to wonder why my page of home ideas and style ideas differs so much from my actual closet and home? 
(or what I imagine our future home to be, since we are in this state of transition).  

I found myself wondering:
Is it that Pinterest is this "safe place" for me to pin things that I like, but in reality would never actually wear/display/show off?
Does this mean that my digital personality is different from the real life me?
Or is it just a place that we put things we like, but can't afford in real life, so that's why my real clothing and home don't look that way?

Probably a good combination of all of these questions.  I am not rich.  And I don't intend to spend unnecessary boatloads of money on myself or my home.  And of course I probably pin things that look great on a skinny model, but on me, maybe not so great. 
But, I do know that I pin things that I am attracted to.  I pin "my style" for sure. And while these may be bolder looks that I wear or different looks that I would normally have in the home, they are all pictures of things that I do, in fact, like looking at and enjoy.  They do describe me in some way.
And my guess is that maybe I'm a little reserved when it comes to wearing those fake glasses that I pinned, just because I don't need glasses and I'm embarrassed to purchase them and then tell people they are fake (truth be told, I already own fake glasses!), but good riddence to being reserved- I'm about to enter my fourth decade in this world (30?!), isn't it time I stop worrying about feeling embarrassed?

Life is too short to not express yourself, or to be too concerned with what others think, or even caging yourself into what you think you should be. 
Cheers to YOU!

*have a great week*


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