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January 31, 2014

it's christmas in january!

This past December, my sister-in-law got me a thrifted sweater, with the intent that I would be able to create whatever I could out of it's cable-knitted goodness. So with a good friend's 30th coming up in a couple of days, I felt inspired to repurpose this sweater into a warm scarf for her.  And so commences the cutting and hemming....pressure is on since this is a gift for someone else!
 ^^not only do I hate my appearance in this picture, but the sweater has GOT to go...^^
^^a blue sweater project deserves a blue moon^^

 ^^the bottom was cut off in one straight line, leaving one edge already "hemmed" and the other needing a good hemming, of which the sewing machine was used to do.^^

 ^^I cut one cuff off the sleeve of the sweater to add a little character to the otherwise simple infinity scarf.  A flower from the clearance section at Michaels was added for more pizzazz! It was just hand sewn into the cuff piece and the scarf itself to hold it all in place.^^

^^once again, don't mind the makeup-less me here, but I am glad the scarf can be doubled for more warmth!^^

A few notes on sewing a hem in a sweater:
- I did have a hard time keeping the lines straight with the cable-knit texture, so I was thankful to have thread that matched perfectly to the color of the scarf, for those times when my "line" was not exactly even.
-I would have planned to double over the hem.  Originally, I had only folded it once, meaning that the "raw" edge was still exposed, spewing little bits of blue sweater I had to double fold the hem...should have done that from the start.  
-pay close attention when using a sewing machine on cable-knit material...the foot gets tripped often.

Overall, this was a very quick and easy project, created and enjoyed over a beer and is now being sent through the post to a friend on the other side of the state.

**have a great weekend all**

1 comment:

  1. cute! bet you can find something to make with the other parts of the sweater too. a pillow cover?!