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May 26, 2013

a table from richmond, virginia.

Have you ever seen something (anything) that automatically attracts your attention and you can't stop looking at? Whether this is an item of food when you're ridiculously hungry, an article of clothing that is fabulous, a hair hanging off the sweater of the person sitting in front of you- you get the idea. 

I was in Richmond five years ago for a church conference with my mom. We had an afternoon off and decided to check out downtown Richmond and came across a flea market. For some reason, there was this delightful little table I couldn't stop looking at.  It was just a small end table- no bigger than 2 feet wide- but it had charm, and even after walking out of the flea market and heading down the street, I asked my mom if we could go back.  For whatever reason, I was attracted to this little table wanted to have it.

I bought it for $35, which as a minimum-wage-making barista, was a stretch. But I bought it nonetheless. I hauled it back to Winston, where Seth just looked at me with those are you kidding me? eyes when I brought it through the door. But I loved it.

I changed the color choice to better suit our home decor, and over the years, it has been moved from room to room to suit whatever purpose we had for it.  

Two summers ago, the little table was spray-painted a sweet blue and placed on our deck, topped with flower pots during the warm months. Finally, about a month ago, I discovered the table wasn't built for the outdoors- it was rotting and needed to be "put down".  

So, because Seth has had no attachment to the table, he helped me see a good way to put out of its misery and let off some steam because my dear table was rotten. 

The bits of the table now rest in a dump somewhere and I was sad to see it go. But I will say that it's a good example of something that I loved from the beginning (for some reason) and through the years reinvented to suit whatever need I had for it. 
I wonder what will be next?

**happy sunday**

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