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May 10, 2013

perfect storm weekends

I had an epiphany regarding my nasty little shopping habit today. You see, as a nurse, I am off four days a week.  Every now and then, this beautiful thing happens where I happen to have a four or five day weekend, and to sweeten that deal, it sometimes falls on a pay week- which we can ironically, or not so, call the perfect storm.  This happens to be one of those weekends.  

This morning I balanced our checkbook, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, etc. and then  found myself feeling like I needed a "reward", or simply needed get out of my head and out of the house.  This is often where shopping plays a role.  I suppose I have historically used shopping as a crutch to find something to do on these days when most everyone else is working, and I am at home with no agenda and no structure.  And on weekends like this when I see a "surplus" in our bank account (that of course we won't need in the days to come on staples, like gas or food), it's especially easy to talk myself into spending time looking at pretty things and then oops! I am bringing those pretty things home!

This nasty little habit can happen once in a while of course, but today I wanted to try to do something else productive with my time when I finished up with my usual "house work". So, I dug an old magnetic board that I found at a flea market in PA years ago and decided to give it a facelift.  Thanks to a can of spray paint and a dry, sunny day, I now have a little chalk board sign that I'm feeling pretty pumped about.  I haven't decided where I'll put it yet, but I've tried a few things out and I'm sure in time, it will find it's home!

**happy weekend folks**

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