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June 11, 2013

burr... is so chilly out today, on this North Carolina June day, I wish I had a long sleeved shirt! (Clearly, this is a staged and incredibly sarcastic shot, and I think it's an embarrassing picture, but albeit, hilarious.) I recently saw a shirt in Francesca's, a guilty-pleasure boutique that I love, and wanted to recreate it, using secondhand material. It is a grey shirt, split in the back, with a long white shirt "tail"- sounds weird, I know, but I liked it.
So, I got a good start on the supplies at Mega Thrift (see below), and got started on the project.

 All in all, after a very frustrating afternoon, my project did not turn out quite like I wanted it too, but the lovechild of my ambition and my ruin turned into something pretty good, too. I expect this little creation to be useful for a warm day turned cool evening. 

**happy mistakes**


  1. Cute! Did Brody take the photos for you?

  2. Brody and Huck have taken lessons online about picture taking- they are great with the iphone.