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June 27, 2013

secondhand giving?

I'd like to pick your brain for a second.  If you were to receive a gift that was previously owned, and resold at a consignment shop, how would you feel about it? 
I recently found some things at consignment shops that I think to myself,  "____ would LOVE this". And of course if I know someone well enough, I'd be comfortable giving them a secondhand gift if it's a guarantee they'd like it.
However, because part of my reasoning for shopping secondhand is the environmental-stop-the-consumerism reason, I'm inching towards starting to do this for other people outside of my close knit crew.  But, truth be told, giving a secondhand gift makes me feel like a cheap-A.  And because giving in this way totally takes the return-ability power away from the receiver, I think I am still opposed to it.

What are your thoughts, though?
Is giving a secondhand gift a big no-no?

**happy thursday**


  1. Hey Dana!
    I appreciate you thinking in this way and asking what others think! I definitely would support you buying second hand items for friends you know well. I've done that (albeit only once) before, and it went over well, and the recipient was happy to get something that wasn't supporting excessive consumerism!

    I'm not as certain about giving gifts to those you don't know well - unless it's for a smaller occasion like a birthday. Not many people take back birthday gifts, I don't think. I'd say more people bring back gifts from events like showers (weddings or baby).

    That said, I actually have been wishing that I could put notes on my baby shower registries that say "If you find the same or a similar thing at a consignment shop, please go for it!" I know there is SO much baby stuff out there it seems silly to buy it all new! But it's hard to register at a consignment shop or on craigslist.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if that helps you except to say you can always buy ME something second hand and I'll appreciate it! :)


    1. Thanks for your 2 cents friend! I agree on the big event times that secondhand may not be the best, but especially small, meaningful occassions with loved ones, secondhand is a-ok! PS. Small Frye is receiving something secondhand, found prior to this post and I knew you wouldn't mind- it was just too cute!

  2. Hey Dana!
    This is such an interesting topic. Personally, I buy consignment gifts for close friends and family when it's something that has a lot of meaning - i.e. tea kettles for my mom. I honestly believe that most people appreciate a gift more when they know you were thinking of them rather than buying something because you "had" to. I wouldn't be too concerned with the ability to return something. If it's not their style, they will most likely re-gift it anyway. The old adage is true: it really is the thought that counts. If you're really unsure about someone's reaction, gift them something little and add a food item that you know they like (your granola, peach cobbler, etc.)- then they will have received something that you put thought into but also your time and love.

    There's my two cents! I love reading the blog!

    1. Thanks Kat! Good call on adding a food item to a secondhand gift. I love that idea! Not only is it giving something original, but it's taking time to make the gift special for the receiver. I appreciate gifts that reflect the person they came from.