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June 23, 2013

wedding season

It is definitely that time of year again that wedding weekends are the norm (and I truly love weddings!).
In honor of having started this blog and trying to be more creative, I decided to make some homemade gifts for the happy couples. Some of the most memorable things we got for our wedding were homemade and original.  One of my favorite wedding gifts is a set of four aluminum coasters that my cousin designed and created- he calls them the "Custom Custer Coasters".  I love them!

In lieu of my recent spray painting project, I decided to keep that train on the tracks and come up with some personalized tea towels.  Once again, I used a trusty old cereal box to cut my own stencils and basic fabric spray paint. Here are some samples:


**what are some of your favorite wedding gifts you've gotten or given?**


  1. I just came across you blog and love it! My wedding is actually coming up in July! I hope I get some creative and unique gifts like this!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What an amazing and precious time for you! Enjoy your special day!