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October 8, 2013

accessories part 2: leg warmers

Being in PA for about a month now feels wonderful- it is like my body was programmed to live in this state.  However, each day the numbers on my car's external thermometer keeps creeping lower and lower.  On my early morning drive the other day, it dipped to 36 degrees! 
In an attempt to continue to be conscientious about what I buy and wear, this next little project was influenced by the dropping temps.  I don't know if leg warmers are actually in style at all, but they are definitely in my style this winter.  I found a sweater a few weeks ago in town at a thrift store for $1.25- 100% wool.  It was a XL size, so I stuck it in the dryer for a few minutes to shrink the sleeves.  Then, as unnerving at it was to cut a nice wool sweater, I cut off the sleeves at the seam, and then proceeded to put them on my legs. Glorious!
They are so warm, I barely need socks when I have them on! I'm sure they'll come into better use in a few months when it really is winter.  (As chilly as the mornings and evenings are compared to NC, I know I haven't seen anything yet...)

I've had a few weeks to try out the leg warmers and their various accessorizing skills. So far I predict they will be a highly-used accessory this fall and winter!

^great with yoga pants or tights^

 ^gray booties^

^tall boots and skinny jeans^

Also, I may be in over my head, but the rest of the sweater 
is going into another fun project! 

**happy fall and the return of the 80's**


  1. <3 it! Might have to try this out. They look great and so do you!

  2. so creative! and I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the sweater.