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October 24, 2013

tips of buying (or not buying) other people's stuff

Let's be real here.  There are just things that you should not buy secondhand for various reasons.  I've done a lot of secondhand shopping in my day, and I can tell you from experience that I've created a little list of things I refuse to buy so I just sail right past those racks.
Here's a little list of said items:

1. Undergarments. Of ALL kinds. Bathing suits, Underwear, Pajamas of any intimate nature, like Lingerie-
Believe me.  I'm a nurse.  I've seen a lot of people...intimately....don't do it.

2. White shirts.  Unless they have the tag still attached,
they are almost surely sold with starchy, yellow thanks.

3.  Anything un-washable in HOT water with detergent. This rule most often applies to hats and purses...if you don't know where it's been, nope.

4.  Work-out gear.  Let's not share sweat...

5. Electronics.  I am all for saving money and not having to have the best, newest thing when it comes to electronics, but I have not had much luck with any kind of electrical items, except for a few lamps that were already LIT in the store.  Most likely the items were donated or sold for a reason.
6. Lastly, if there is anything I am looking for specifically that I need in a timely manner and don't have time to really peruse the aisles of Goodwill, such as a dress for a wedding, I will scratch secondhand to make sure I can get what I need in time.  

 Anyone else have any advice or rules you follow when shopping secondhand?

**thanks for stopping by**


  1. Dana!! You need to come up here sometime during the summer to go to some yard sales with me, or stop by the local (and extremely cheap) Salvation Army for some sweet finds... you would LOVE both of those things!! :) And if you're feeling particularly brave, we can travel a few miles up the road to the town construction dump (no trash, just household things like doors, cabinets, trunks, old toys, etc... some junky stuff, but mostly amazing things that people didn't take the time to donate!). What do you say?!? ;) Miss you! <3 Athena Marie

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