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October 3, 2013

being outside with my husband

This past weekend Seth and I celebrated SIX years being married and NINE years together.  Because the world of nursing never ends and I had to work 12 hours on our actual anniversary, we celebrated with hot wings and ice cream when I got home to celebrate (yum!).
However, being a romantic fella, Seth also planned a trip backpacking on the Laurel Highlands hiking trail, a local gem to this area.  The trail is approximately 75 miles long along the Laurel Highlands mountain range. Every few miles there are shelters and water stops to accommodate those who wish to stay overnight on the trail.  We did just that! We packed up our backpacks on Monday morning and headed out in the most gorgeous weather imaginable for early October! We hiked about 7 miles in, camped, and hiked 7 miles out.  No bears, although I was ALWAYS looking (bears are one thing that I'd LOVE and HATE to see at the same time).
We had a great time! Not only did we turn our phones off and just enjoy talking and being friends, but we also tried to relish the joy and complete oddity and beauty of the natural world.  It was breathtaking.  There is so much inspiration that God has created in this world and I couldn't be more blessed to have enjoyed it this week and celebrate a marriage to my best friend.

 ^not sure what happened to the camera here, 
but this is the only shot we had of the 2 of us^

**hope you are enjoying this fall weather**


  1. beautiful! happy anniversary! :)

  2. Happy anniversary! I hiked Laurel highlands in college on a backpacking trip I led. So pretty! Glad you guys got to get out and do something you love together!