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January 17, 2014

life lately

well it's been crazy....
and this is me doing a side plank over Huck in the morning before coffee and breakfast....

I'm sitting down tonight to write and I feel like I have so many things to talk about- much like I feel that my mind has been over the past several months since we've moved....when will we buy a house? should I have done that at work? is there more that I could have done for that patient? crap! we need to get our PA licenses! we should schedule a vacation! I hope we aren't overstaying our welcome at the in-law's....
 and the list goes on.

And while I am trying to put into words many of the rambling thoughts regarding consumerism and consumption, I really just want to share the joys of the past month, as they are actually what I want to talk about tonight.

1. My sister got engaged!! CONGRATULATIONS Jennie and Patrick! I'm so thrilled to have another brother!

2.  We finally got to go skiing- one of the great joys of living back in the north.  
These two bugs love the slopes!

3.  We got to spend Christmas with our wonderful family!!
 ^^Chaz....sweet nephew loves his uncle^^

^^Congratulations to my cousin Carly and her husband Jon for their new baby girl, Molly Hazel!^^

I'm still trying to be a "maker" of things (more on that title some other time) and am working on the world's largest, but warmest, scarf in all of history, while watching season 1 of Game of Thrones.
Life has been pretty sweet!

**enjoy your weekend!!!**

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