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January 2, 2014

New Years and Unfinished Projects!

Well, I don't know about you but I'm totally in recovery mode from the delicious past 2 weeks of Christmas celebrations- late nights with family, early mornings for work, chocolate, wine, fondue, roasts, toasts, wine, chocolate, hugs, laughter, and wine!  It has been another wonderful time of year to celebrate Christmas and spend time with loved ones!
So, Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!!
I woke up this morning, wanting to get back on the "blogging horse" and start doing some projects again. I really miss doing projects and being inspired.  I did a set of reflection questions last week heading into the new year, and starting this blog has been such a great outlet and inspiration for me- one of my highlights of 2013. Unfortunately, it is the first thing that goes when life gets a little busier.
So, in honor of the new year and getting to hit the "refresh button", I am going to try to start my re-entry into creativity by trying to finish some of those projects that I never did.  And maybe some news one- one of my favorite gifts from this year has been a used cable knit sweater and bucket of buttons, just asking to be turned into a cool warm accessory!
^^I still haven't touched this gold frame from last spring...^^

^^I have the rest of this sweater, leftover from the leg warmers, and have one idea....^^

^^the remnants of this sweater from the hand warmers is made of great wool deliciousness so I'll try to put something together from that!^^

^^My homemade hand warmers are in need of repair and reinforcement^^
Seems like good places to start! I can't wait to see what this next year will bring us and wishing you all blessings as we enter a new year!

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