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July 22, 2013

hair and thoughts on hair

A few months ago, I posted about embracing my flaws and learning to love the natural, including gray hair in my 20's.  However, recently, I had to dye my hair back to something natural looking because my old highlights were growing out and not looking at all like the ombre look I was hoping for while growing them out. See below- my face is clearly living in the gloom of having ugly hair.

So, I dyed my hair to a color as close to my natural brown as possible (Garnier nutrisse "6: natural brown") to get rid of that horrid "oh my gosh, look at her roots" look. The boxed color was actually quite magical at reviving some health and smoothness into my otherwise frizzy, unruly hair.

But, truth be told, I miss my blonde highlights.  My gray hairs seem to be more present and wiry than ever (because they are as I get older), and my hair and skin just seem more flat and boring. The reason I chose to stop getting highlights was because of the cost- once you start getting highlights, you are somewhat required to keep it up or it will end up looking like the hair in picture 1 above.  I also wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of money on myself every couple of months. 
Perhaps I am justifying my recent desire to go back to highlights, but there is something about feeling good with the way you look.  We are all entitled to express ourselves and present ourselves to the world in a way that shows who we are and that we feel good in the skin (and hair!) we are in. 
Take away point: Embrace what you've got, aaaaand embrace making yourself feel and look the best you can.

**happy monday**

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