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July 15, 2013


the past several weeks have been a blur of travels, work, fun, and, most of all, lists to keep it all straight.  i am absolutely exhausted today, after a weekend of catching up on house projects.  seth and i are getting our home ready to sell- a project that cannot be taken lightly, as our little home has needed a lot of upkeep/makeovers/love.  it has consumed us- when we aren't working on house projects, we are talking about them, reading about them, pinteresting them (me, not seth).  
i'm sure i'll write more in depth about our little home as i have found myself emotionally overwhelmed ("i'm getting verklempt!"-snl) at the thought of leaving this little place. but for now, a few sneak peaks at recent projects and renovations.

^^new siding^^

^^new windows, new paint^^

 ^^i cannot stress the amount of hours spent painting trim^^

 ^^this was this weekend's project- patching with horrid-smelling bondo and painting 3 doors that have darkened the hallway over the past 3 years- hopefully this will brighten up that space a bit^^^

**bonus: it got me through the second season of downton abbey though!**

i'm sure over the next several months, i'll be sharing more about this sweet little house- it has been a great home and we have loved it.  we have done all of the work ourselves (thanks to seth's job of working for a general contractor and gaining a lot of valuable skills/tools) and in spite of the frustrations of waiting so long to see things happen, i love this house even more for it.

*have a great monday*

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