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July 15, 2013

eagle's wings

This secondhand shopper is going inter-state! We were visiting Seth's brother and sister-in-law, Nathan and Noelle, a few weekends ago in Ohio.  As the boys got busy doing farm things, the girls decided to go out for a quick shopping trip to a local antique shop.  Being a farming community, there were the most amazing antique tools, pots, pans, canoes, washing machines, furniture, you name it.  I could've spent a load of cash in this sweet store, but lo and behold, traveling with 2 dogs in a Subaru doesn't leave room for much else, let alone the wooden ironing board that I really wanted.  (There was so much potential in this little store, I may have to rent a moving truck and go back? Just kidding, Seth.)

^thanks to my niece, River, for modeling this old church pew turned bench and quilts^

I know this is just another collection of secondhand items, but if you have any time, get out there, you guys.  There are so many original and quality items waiting to be discovered, remade, reused, etc.

*have a great day and, as always, thanks for stopping by**

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