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July 1, 2013

suggestions wanted

A few weeks ago, I inherited this dress from my grandma, who wore it to her son's (my uncle's) wedding in 1978. This mint-colored polyester blend caught my eye and with the encouragement from my sisters, who told me to "gumption it up", I brought it home, and started brainstorming the possibilities.  

I love the chevron trend, so decided to add stripes using painters' tape and fabric spray (obviously I have an obsession!). The chevron stripes turned out so well, but apparently, the paint got a little out of the lines- that's where you guys come in. Notice the picture below with the mark by the cowl

So, how do I remedy this dress? Just continue the stripes? Stop now and always wear a jean jacket? Cut off the top and make a maxi-length skirt? 

Thanks for your suggestions!! 

**happy monday- I'm off to the great city of Charlotte today to see my mom and dad!**

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  1. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE how those stripes turned out. Awesome job. Stinks about the extra bit of paint though. What about painting the shoulders (outside of the cowl neck hem) all navy as well? So put one line of tape back down above the top stripe and just paint all the way to the shoulder stitch line, if there is one. I can see it in my head, but I don't know if it makes sense in writing.