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September 25, 2013

autumn nesting

We are now about 2 1/2 weeks here in PA and I'm not sure if I told you this before, but we are living in my in-laws' basement apartment until we sell the house and figure out where we want to be living, renting, buying, etc.?? 
So, because most of our things are still in boxes, I was feeling the need to do one thing in this little space to decorate and nest on in....we may be here for the long-haul. 
So, a challenge to myself- can I create a centerpiece for the kitchen table using only items I find at a local thrift store? I accepted the challenge and set off to The World's Attic
Here's the result:


I stuck with fairly natural elements and one color theme- I'm really into monochromatic themes this fall in both decorating and dressing.  I am pretty pleased with the outcome- especially because the total cost was around $6 for the entire display, I discovered a new secondhand store, and the best part is, these pine cones came with a piney scent, meaning this space down here smells deliciously like fall.

Anybody else doing some fun fall decorating now that the temps are dropping 
and the trees are changing colors?

**happy autumn**


  1. So cute! Glad you have smething to make you feel more at home. Little touches make all the difference!

  2. love the owls - trendy and such a calm centerpiece with the muted colors!