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September 15, 2013

getting to know our surroundings

I can't tell you how many times this week, when I first wake up, before my eyes open, that I have to remind myself of my surroundings. I'm not in my usual bed in North Carolina, not in my usual routine of life, and I won't be able to text so-and-so to get together this coming weekend, unless I want to drive seven hours. But, despite my pre-move expectations of feeling anxious, disoriented, and emotional at this point, it feels right. Something about waking up in PA, in a familiar house, into a new life that we know we are investing in for the long-haul is nice. And of course after only one week, it's all new and fresh and exciting, like an extended vacation, but I'm sure we'll have our moments of stress, emotions, and anxiety. But until then, I'll just try to enjoy the ride.

With that said, one of the greatest things we have done this week, is continue to maintain the same habits that we have always had.  Life, while completely turned upside-down, is still the same.  There is a comfort in habits and a steadiness that it gives in times of change and unrest.

One of the usual activities we've created as a little family is going for hikes.  In NC, we lived a mile from a park with great single-track trails, and it was so easy and convenient.  These hikes give the dogs time to get their energy out and discover the world, and Seth and I have a time and space for great conversations.

So we headed out today for a hike and it was just lovely and made me feel like life is just right and I'm home.

**keep doing those things that you love- things that inspire you 
and things that make you know you are just where you are meant to be**

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