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September 22, 2013


Here's a quick recap of some great things I'm discovering here in Southwestern PA.

1. There a great little dog park in the town where the boys made friends with some other pups and I met some wonderfully friendly ladies to chat with for an hour.


2. Somerset has an elephant...dressed in leaves for the fall....
and I CAN'T WAIT to see what comes at Christmas!

3. I went thrifting around town on Friday. Ahhh! The rush a good thrift session brings!
 I did score some pretty basic things for work, but I also found these sweet, brand new J.Jill wooden wedges for $3!
 Bring on the tights and a pencil skirt!

4. Seven Springs (local ski resort) had a Mother Earth News fair this weekend.  It was one of the most inspiring afternoons, when it comes to environmentalism, awareness, education, and thoughts on consumption....more on this soon, I'm sure- my head is still processing.
While I didn't leave the fair wearing hemp clothing and shaving my head, I did buy a book with some great information, inspiring artwork, and first-hand experience about trying to live a more "decommodified" life.
(The Good Life Lab; Radical Experiments in Hands-on Living, By Wendy Jehanara Tremayne).

5. Snuggling is even better in cooler temps!

6.  The Hubs and I had another great hike today- weathering the "cold" 50's chill....going to be rough winter ahead, I fear.

More thoughts and projects coming soon- I have a few in mind as my life is starting to settle down here and I am finding time.

**have a peaceful week**

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  1. Glad you're finding so many things to love about your new home! I'd love to see pics of your place. :-)